Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy Week

29 April 2012

Tonight I feel like adding information to my Blog.  Somehow this is not a natural task for me, yet.  We have had a wonderfully stimulating week in the South Carolina Columbia Mission.

We started the week with Family Home Evening with the Weatherfords.  Sister Weatherford fixed a delicious dinner.  We were joined by the two Marion Elders, an investigator and a new family in the Branch.

The big news is that we have received a "transfer' which is uncommon for senior missionaries.  We have been assigned us to serve in the Mission Office beginning May 15, 2012.  Prior to our moving to Columbia from Latta, we have been asked to attend "training" by the current office staff.

Last Tuesday we traveled to Columbia and worked in the office all day.  Tuesday night we met at the Mission Home with six new missionaries (five Elders, one sister) assigned to serve in the SCCM.  This was a special treat for us.  The new missionaries arrived enthusiastic and with a firm commitment to serve faithfully in South Carolina.

Wednesday morning we met at the Irmo Stake Center for a "Transfer" meeting with all missionaries who were to receive a new assignment.  The new missionaries were given instruction on how to fill out a baptismal record, instruction in the use of mission automobiles, finances, and instruction on the care of the missionary apartments.  After the transfers were announced, the Elders and Sisters departed for their new places to serve.

We were invited to attend the Columbia Temple with the departing missionaries, enjoy dinner at the Mission Home, and participate in a testimony meeting.

Thursday we received more training in the Mission Office, and then we traveled home to Latta.

Friday we visited people in the Marion Branch area--investigators and less active members.

Saturday morning the Priesthood brethren had a Skeet Shoot, horseshoe games, and a chili lunch.  Missionaries are not permitted to shoot.  After the activity, we joined the Elders for more "lookups".  We are happy to do the driving to save the Elders their "miles" which are quite limited.

Our new assignment to serve in the Mission Office will allow us to be in Columbia during the week, and spend the weekends serving in the Marion Branch--teaching the Gospel Doctrine class (Sister B) and fill the Assistant Clerk for finances position as well as teach a Priesthood lesson twice a month (Elder B).